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Review / Squared can bottle

A squared can bottle by Albert Heijn. Squared metal / aluminum cans are not that new actually, there are beef or meat that are packed in squared cans. However this packaging have a great use of sustainability because it uses more of the space that is putted, normally between round bottle designs there are allot of open spaces between the bottles making it use less of the space it is given. So when transporting these bottles they use less space then normal, so they can transport more per truck making less trips to transport them.

Only thing I am worried about is that they used steel, but there are actually no recycle icons on the package that it is using recycled material to produce this bottle or that the materials used on this package is recyclable.

Under the cap there is a pull tab that you need to pull out so that you can pour out the syrup. However the material they used were not good calculated because the thing you needed to pull at broke fairly easily, and had to break it open with a knife. I wish they search an easier way to seal of that opening than that.

This lemonade syrup is actually a light which contains 46% less sugars than the normal syrup. And you can see that when you pour is out into a cup the syrup is very watery and not thick at all. But it still taste very good and just the correct amount of sweetness needed.


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