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Playing fisheye

My few first shots of using a fish eye lens on my Canon, however the lens is not mine but the camera mounted is my Canon 1000D. Here shooting outside my window over the mall below. One thing is that this fish eye actually has no zoom and is a 7,2mm lens and you can only focus to a certain point even infinity the object far away can still be blurred. However it is not the first time I used a fish eye but others that I had used does zoom which actually for me it is better then a non zoom able lens.
Self portrait with the fish eye lens. However I had to crop away allot cause actually get to see a outer black ring around the pictures, it is due to that this fish eye lens is for making panorama pictures and not really for using for normal photography. I rather have one with a zoom so I don't have to point the cam from at someone face less then a feet to get a decent size shot, so I can use it at a party or event.

Also was about time to make a new self portrait cause I have been using one from school now from several years and having a way too serious angry face, now a happy friendly one, also directly added it to my Alive not dead account for a more pleasant face for people to view.

I have been wearing my Adidas red polo shirt for a while and seem to be after that I have bought it and wore it to the Adidas Party and then went to the streets, I saw that in Hong Kong there are allot of people working wearing a company polo that is also red. Pretty frustrating, just though cool and great looking red polo, now thing I am somebody working at a clerk in a supermarket or at a Adidas store, even McDonalds have red polo's. I should do some research on stores clothing not to get clothings that looks too much like company staff clothings.


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Prototyping own gimbal

As you can see below this is a ver different gimbal than most out of there. And mostly made out of aluminium instead of carbon. However this is the first prototype as we will change and upgrade the design over time.

Pop up beak CD / Packaging

This is a pop up CD packaging using a well know pop up beak design, this is one of the most basic pop up card design there is. However it is not originally my design however this is an interesting design. Here below is the template of it that you can make one yourself. This packaging is way better then the Pochup which could never stay flat unless you put it between a telephone book.

Click the image to get the 100% size version and download it. The picture is 72 dpi so be sure to print is at that size. Here below is the PDF uploaded to Scribd and you can click on the image or link below and view the PDF and download it. If you like to support me so I can produce more free packaging templates, please donate any amount through PayPal by clicking the button below.

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Printing on sponge

Well am learning this myself though but its quite usefull as it's not a technique that is openly published how to do actually. But today I done several tries and even learned few extra things along the way. But mainly learned this so I dont have to pay stupid expensive prices most of the companies ask when for doing this. However I do need to see how i could cure the inkt cause it need to be heaten up so it won't wash off when there is accidentally get water poured over it.