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Underground 5th anniversary

April 25th was the Fifth anniversary of Underground and non other than Chris B was the MC for the night. Underground is a club that organizes event where unsigned talents can showcase and play their music.
The event started with a band called Summer Junkies which would preform their very last gig at Underground, during that gig I helped out filming and gotten some great angles, however could not photograph holding a Canon 5D MrkIII filming HD which is the camera of Alan. While having my own camera in my bag.
2nd Band was Airtub which regrouped specially for this event.
The third band was Us-2 Evil-0 which is a Filipino Indie pop band which really gave a great show with great vibes coming from them. With the two vocals dancing around and preforming a great show.
Also there were some prizes given away here the poor guy had gotten 3 boxes of guitar sound controllers, while he does not even play guitar. Also he biggest prize a V guitar was given away to a lady and yet also someone who does not play guitar.
The fourth band Hardpack which somehow looked formilair to me while they were there not sure why then. But after the event looked into their info and saw that they had teamed up with Phat Chan who is from LMF and not is with 24Herbs. However I made a great set of picture from this band they for sure knew how to pose, also I mainly tried out shoting different then normal using actually angles where I can impossible look through the viewfinder or screen for live view. I will place that set online soon.
The last but not least is Hardpack with Yan Yan as vocal, Yan Yan also works for Underground as an assistant. At this time I went wild with my camera and just doing stuff with the camera that people would never try out. Actually for the last 2 band I finally had set up my camera's white balance correct and could play with the rest of the setting and actually went playing with the zoom and actually moving my camera around to get special effect, however is not showing here but will put that set online soon.

For sure a great event and learn much more about photographing at a concert like event and area, with flashing lightings. Also tried playing around with things I had forgotten about the cam. However there are still some setting I need to learn about how to alter, cause there is a AEB setting that is bugging me because it alters automatically even though I am in the full manual mode. I am looking forward to more Underground events however I need to buy some earplugs have been to few rockbands events two days in a row and I still hear the high pitch sound, when it is quiet.


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