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Cycling in Hong Kong

Sunday June 7th I treated myself to a cycling tour from Tai Po to Sha Tin and back. First thing that bothered me was that the bike I got had old shifters plus the front brake is on the right and rear brake on the left which is pretty much the opposite side of my normal bikes. But for the rest I pretty much easily adapted to it. Also seem the Hong Kong government anticipate that there would be allot of accident cause by the cyclist. Mostly cause by people who don't know how to cycle or actually swivel the road too much, pretty much of the people can't ride a straight line cause they ride extremely slow you can even run faster then some. The swivel pretty much like drunks and people trying to learn to cycle on roads with high cyclist traffic instead of a quiet still square.
The pictures are taken with my phone would not bear to do this with my new camera plus too much accidents happen and allot of the roads are very busy even though they are very wide there are allot of cyclist and allot of them are pretty slow.Centreren
This was my bike for the day a Trinx which I personally never have heard of before, but pretty much isn't a Trek 1500 Alu Carbon Frame which I have in the Netherlands. It cost me 50HKD to rent it for the day, however rather be riding on this because all the MTB they rented were extreme small I think the frame sizes are children sizes. And actually saw allot of people riding bike with wrong height and wrong sizes, too many large people on small kiddies bikes. But this bike actually is perfect fit for met a 52cm size, but the rear tire wasn't really pumped hard enough for my taste and the gear levers were too loose cause it sometime shifter to other gears on it own.
This is actually first time I photographed myself while cycling and now pretty much know why people look at me when I cycle without a helmet, my hair become like the haircut of Elvis and would have looked even more with me wearing sunglasses. Next time I want to rider to Tai Mei Tuk cause the Road to Sha Tin got way to much people riding around very slow. And if I get back the Netherlands I am going to try a video of me cycling around the track. I am sure I can make an interesting video with all the equipments I got.


GAP said…
Hey Chung Dha,
you grow up a lot from the last time i saw your pic.
you look smart and handsome bro.(don't worry i'm not gay for sure LOL)

miss you Laz:)

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