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Credit Card Art: "Credit on color"

This summer in the Graphic Design Museum in Breda (the Netherlands) there is large collection of creditcards, free cards, discount cards, gift cards, and credit look-a-like on display, all on one wall and placed on color. The graphic designs of creditscards are different all over the world but the shape, size and the rounded off corners have always stayed the same, and is easily to be recognized. Owning a creditcard is a certain kind or social status symbol, it means you can afford to spend more than you own and to be able to pay back later. It represent your taste, your world, your face and what you own. The cards are a big marketing tool that are used to connect with their clients.
This is a wonderfull rainbow display build up from only credit cards. This wonderfull piece of art is currently on display until the end of September 2009. However too bad I did not knew about this exhibition when I was in the Netherlands, mostly I was busy building my own exhibition for Dai Fu Lou.
Talking about creditcards graphic design, most that I know about them was that they came in colors which would show how much you can afford to spend, like silve, gold and platinum. However I myself do not own a creditcard, cause in the Netherlands you got pin cards to pay for things, but recently found allot of info about personalizing things you own and even creditcards. At the you add your own final touch to almost every product on the market like daimond sticker for your phone, a personal photo or graphic sticker over your laptop and even personal sticker for over your creditcards.

However instead of using stickers, credit card companies like MBNA allow you to choose cards based on personal things like choosing your personal football team or even your favorite charity and even help your charity with them. However there are also even more personal creditcards because there are also companies which allow you to upload any picture or photo's and they will be actually printed on your creditcard. So your creditcard could contain a photo of your family or love ones , your friends, favorite cartoon or celebrity or even your own company logo.

In Hong Kong it still missing with the Octopus cards, but might be cool to crossover Dai Fu Lou with Octopuscards. Maybe I should make some Dai Fu Lou graphics that could be printed on some stickersheets and past them on some Octopus cards. However no you don't see people holding the cards cause mostly if you place the card on a certain part of your bag you can whipe your bag over the sensor instead of having to pull out the whole card.

Credits to the Graphic Design Museum Breda for diplaying such a wonderfull art and the pictures of this exhibition.


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