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the Angel's Contract / Short Movie

Angel's Contract is a short movie with the story written by Chung Dha / Jona Lam and the script written in English by Joe Fiorello and Cantonese by Maggie Hou. Starring Maggie Hou and Brandon aka Ghoststyle, Michelle Lau, Arne Venema, Sky Tao, JuJu Chan, John Tien and a DMC Delorean. Director / Cinematographer by Chung Dha. Director of Audiography by Joe Fiorello.
The story of the Angel's contract.
A soul that felt that life on earth is a torment and took her own life during her last life. Her wish is to stay in heaven as an Angel and not to be reincarnated and endure the torture called life, however she is bound to earth cause she have been linked to a soul mate. So God sends her off on a mission to find a replacement for herself for her soul mate. However if her soul mate dies cause of her actions she would not become an Angel but a devil.
The story have all kind of beliefs, religions and myth, It make use of Angels, cupids, reincarnations, souls and soul mates put together making it all linked perfectly.

Day two of filming did not went all the way we actually wanted, the lead male actor were nowhere to be seen or able to be contacted. Also several other actors did not show up and also did not picked up their phones and have been recasted at the last moment. So a big thanks for the cast ( Brandon, JuJu, Arne) that joined in the final moment. We actually wanted to have Patrick Lee onboard, but he was busy.
We did allot of Guerilla shooting throe out of Hong Kong and mostly around Central side with out actually any problems. We managed to find a quite good spot on the roof of the IFC where we could peacefully shot for several hours and no guards or security complain or ask if we had permission for it.

Most indoor scenes were shot at Joe's apartment which is a pretty good place and also great time there and pretty much fun. Only problem was when Aaron showed up and pretty much made us to wait cause he just took Joe away and have him taking head shots while we were waiting to film. Other problem we had was when we used the Delorean in the driveway and a angry guy came out shouting stuff but he ran up to Arne somehow while Chung Dha is the guy directing and leading this crew and that he did not walk up to the car was odd.

We finished filming this movie on the 14th of December but still allot work with editing and more. With this film we want to join competitions and hope to finish before the end of this year so we can submit it to the HKIFF.

Also learned allot of stuff during this project and filming cause pretty much learned who I should have on the set or not and would be better to use a less louder car to film at residential area's .

Again thanks to all the crew and cast and hope to get the movie done ASAP and then get an even shorter version in a short trailer to promote with.


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