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Work In Progress street art exhibition

Date: 17 June - 7 July 2013

13th Floor, Somerset House, TaiKoo Place, Island East.
Entrance at G/F loading bay, Somerset House
MTR Quarry Bay Station Exit A or car drop-off point
at G/F Somerset House

Time: 10am -- 7pm (no admission after 6:30pm);
Special opening hours on 21 June: 10am -- 3pm

For appointment and enquiry: (852) 2284 4877
Free admission

Following the tremendous success of its street painting
events in 2005 and 2006, Swire Properties'
"WORK IN PROGRESS" project adds another layer to
street art, an ephemeral and viral art form in the urban
setting of Hong Kong. From murals, sculptures,
to mixed-media installations, these inspiring site-specific
artworks created by nine internationally renowned street
artists and nine Hong Kong-based artists are showcased
at TaiKoo Place over a three-week period.

The exhibition also includes a lively series of public
workshops, film screenings, live demonstrations and
guided tours for the public to enjoy the diversity of
street art.

International established street artists
Beastman (Australia), David Emanuel Torres and
David Morgen Leavitt from Cyrcle (USA), Martin Mazorra
and Mike Houston from Cannonball Press (USA),
Meggs (Australia), RONE (Australia), VHILS (Portugal) and
Victor Ash (Denmark)

But also local HongKong street artists
4Get, Cat Time Biatch, Mark Gross, Pantone C, Xeme,
Parent's Parents, Peter Yuill

Watch video below how to walk from Quarry Bay Station to the Street Art Exhibition


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