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Quick setup Recoil rig

Today setup this recoil shoulder rig the difference between this and normal shoulder rig is that you need to have a monitor or EVF due to the placement of the camera. The camera is actually on your shoulder instead of being held up in front of you. By placing the camera on you shoulder the weight be also towards your shoulder and would lessen the need of having to add a counter balance weight and making the whole setup lighter. If you want to know what parts I used scroll down to the bottom with the full parts list which is linked to Ebay search results.
However due to placement of the camera you would not be able to see the monitor and would need to buy an additional monitor or an EVF. At the moment I am planning to see what would be the cheapest and possible a good way to build your own EVF, the current setup here is a small 3.5inch monitor which can be powered by 12v, currently I have ordered a 12v battery which is normally used for RC cars and able to power the monitor for quite a long while. The monitor and battery together cost lest than 30bucks together making it a very affordable setup. However I do still need to test it before I can give a verdict if this is a good monitor or not.

However the shoulder pad sits very nice and comfortable and I could make a second handle but I feel its not needed as I can feel that the single handle alone does not have allot of weight on it compared to traditional shoulder rigs which is often very front heavy making it that your arms gets tired from holding up the camera or you have to add a counter weight on the back but the whole setup would weight much more that it needs to be.

One thing is that I can't see the focus markers on the follow focus but mainly this setup probably be more for just handheld shooting and manually adjusting the focus while filming. You might also notice the big silver thing on the back of the monitor, I actually replaced the foot with a 1/4" mount by screwing on a lightstand adapter, but I found out afterwards my phone bracket fits nicely over the monitor and seem to be a much easier way to mount the monitor. Hopefully can use this setup soon to film something with.

So here are the parts list linked to Ebay Search results.

Parts for the shoulder rig:
$16 - Fotga Shoulder Pad
$14 - 11inch articulating arm
$6 - Sponge handle grip

Optional instead of shoulder pad
$29 - Hands-free Shoulder Camera Tripod Support

For the monitor/EVF:
$16 - 3.5" LCD Monitor
$15 - 12V Rechargable Li-ion Battery 3000mAh
$2 - 1/4" phone holder bracket
$10 - LCD Viewfinder


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