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Aloe VeraKing / Review

This is one Aloe Vera drink that is currently on sell in the Dutch supermarket. However it is particularly expensive then to be drinking, it cost much more then normal beverages somehow while at Chinese Toko the prices wasn't really that expensive. Might be because it is imported from Korea and Chinese Toko have less expense when they import allot from Asia then the Dutch companies that mostly buy products from Dutch producers or European producers.

Somehow this bottle is fairly a very standard design used for Aloe Vera drinks, but some with a slight change but still very much the same. I am not sure if this is just to separate this drink from other beverages or just that they all have the same producer of company that make these bottles.

The taste is good, however I think if you drink this the first time you might not like it or you find it very strange because this is some what new. But I have to emphasize that it is bad to drink allot of this, you have to read and look into Aloe Vera that it is a very special plant that can cure allot of things, but is not something that you should eat or drink too much of. However there is not allot of info about how much someone should use in a daily basis like other vitamin products. So look out or test it, also some people are possible allergic to this and need to look out, just try out a little and see what happens.

The design side it is fairly poor, if I did not know this was a beverage, I would think is was a kind of special water that I need to feed my Aloe Vera plant. The design is very much of a gardener department then to any beverage department. The design has too much exaggerated about the Aloe Vera plant and not about the healthy part of the drink.

If I could had done the design I would have first chosen a different bottle design somethings that would have emphasize the healthy part of this drink or more the category of the target market. Also would had made a logo for this certain drink instead of just a small company logo and just a certain chosen typeface. Also less is more is the biggest tip for this design, this drink is about natural healthy drink and not a very chemical with allot of bad things. Leave out the awards in the front just put that at the information part on the sides. A better color might be using white because it is also a clean color, with less things because white is not a color if you think as a blank white sheet.

This might be a good future project to look into, because I am sure I can easily design a simple and better looking package for this beverage.


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