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Canton love pes vine drink / Review

First packaging review from HK, am doing fast photography now using my mobile phone it is much easier to carry then my Canon 1000D and I am carrying less equipment around. However my Sony Ericsson K770i got a pretty good camera and give great colors and details. Also wont be buying bulk of product but will be buying one day by day and also be photographing them directly instead of having studio photo's.

Love pes vine taste is a kind of like what we Asians call tong sui which translated litterally mean sugar water, which is a sweet soup which is very healthy and cleansening for your body. However the taste is not really that bad, but is not really top of my list and not going to drink it that often, maybe if I had ate too much bad things.

The bottle is pretty much a very standard bottle which allot of different companies uses, might because a sqaure bottle can be transported more at a time ten transporting cilinder shaped bottles. If you calculate it a square design have less wasted open space between the shapes then cilinders which means you transport less air and more products. However it might be less recognizable when you would only see the shape of the bottle, because it is used for different beverages.

The design is not that good, from overall view it is not bad to look, the english ruined it a bit which does not fit the design good in te current position. If they just make it higher with fitting the white boxes it might ad been better and the logo is not all that.

At the moment I am bit in the Packaging heaven with soo much stores with special packagings which I have never encountered in the Netherlands before. So for people in Europe can see how some packagings looks different when you would be buying it in Asia.


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