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Minima CD packaging by Chung Dha


This is a new packaging design by Chung Dha which uses less materials than any other packaging, its uses the most minimum resources to be put together and does not even need any glue. For more information watch the video below.

The PDF template of the packaging can be found here below and can be downloaded for free from Scribd. Its a editable PDF that can be opened with Adobe Illustrator CS2 or above to edit it.
Minima CD
Please include the logo if the packaging is for a commercial use. The template is best to be printed on a 200gram paper or above. Cut the black lines and fold the red ones.

Why is this packaging so great?
The big thing about this packaging is that in production it should save allot of money cause it does not need any glue to be put together so no glue machine would be needed in the progress while manufacturing this packaging. However compared to the standard cardboard sleeves this packaging also uses less material and there by is lighter in transport. So saving money in the weight cost of transporting the packaging. Also the packaging can be printed on an A4 sheet so everybody at home could product it. Especially for me doing cinema and design, I often need to give a DVD or CD to my clients with all the designs or even burn a video on a DVD, this would be a great solution to make a quick fast and a good looking CD or DVD cover.

For who did you designed this?
The ideal client to use this packaging are the magazines which have a DVD or any Disc provided with the magazine. The overall weight of the magazine would be lightened a bit however putting it all together with the several thousand magazines it would be allot also in the decrease of material cost they would have been able to save allot of money using this packaging. However I never sold it to anybody, cause the design was so simple that it would had been copied if I ever tried to sell it. That why I am releasing it for free to everybody, with just one condition for them to put my logo on the packaging.

How did you manage to find such a simple solution?
The original idea was to find a super simplified CD packaging that would not use any glue, however during the development we found that the four corners of a packaging are quite useless, in fact are too much materials that is not needed. However developing an octagon shaped sleeve would been a solution but it would not have hold the CD in the sleeve that well, plus having more angles that is needed to be glued. So further development we found a possibility of folding the packaging in more of a octagon shape which also lead to the current shape which holds the disc in place while making a fold point which does not needed any glue. However the development of the open en closing lock is a basic one and has not really changes over the years, cause trying out different locking this was the one that lasted for the longest time without tear and wear.


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