Chung Dha

Chung Dha is a design company based in the Netherlands, however we work for different companies all over the globe. The founder of this company is Chung Dha a talented designer with multiple talents and disciplines, not only is he a Graphic Designer but also a Packaging Designer, Industrial Designer, Photographer, 3d Modeler and Trend Watcher. He is actually the first of the new breed designers which will have multiple discipline and to able to have a wider range of skills to provide the best design for the clients.

What does Chung Dha stand for ?
Chung-Dha pronounced "zeon da"
Origin of the name Chung Dha is the name of the founder Chung Dha Lam. The name is derived from the Cantonese name 俊達.

俊 - zeon3 [1] talented; capable; superior; refined; smart; bright [2] handsome; good-looking [3] big; huge

達 - daat6 taat3 (1) [1] [v] arrive at; reach [2] intelligent; smart; understanding; reasonable [3] prominent; successful [4] [v] inform; tell [5] open-minded [6]

We choose for Chung Dha instead of any simple word or any special English name because of the special meanings behind it in Chinese. Not only does these meaning stands for the company or the founder but also our designs and toward are clients, we provide designs that are smart, bright, good-looking, prominent and successful.

Also our logo is special design with some hidden thoughts around it. First of all it is the initials C and D, but also represents a kind smile. But for the ones who look carefully can see a key head, for the key to success.

Our philosophy
Our main style is to innovate with every design, not just innovate the design it self but also the process to the design. We always search for the newest trend and improve our skills to stay on top of everything and beyond. Nothing is difficult, there are just people who makes things difficult. By thinking in a logic way, we can make from any difficult design into a simple matter.

Provided services
Brand name developing / logo design / website design / letter design / envelop design / business card design / packaging design / product design / promotional design
Bitmap vectorizing / photo vectorizing / sketch vectorizing
Marketing strategies / research / development / trend watching / product reviews
Photographing nature / macro / product / studio / sports / events
Paper craft / pop-up cards /origami / curved folding / tessellation folds
Problem analyzing / solving
3d modeling / rendering

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