Logo's 06/07

These are the logo's I have made this school year of 2006/2007. There were more 100 sketches and other logo's but these were the only real logo that were used during this school year.

Platina Air, its a logo for a fake travel organization. The logo shows a P and also shows kind of travel route around the world. This logo was used in the final theme project PVBJ1. Its the most serious and expensive looking logo I have made this year.

IDsign, while this is a very interesting name allot of people tends to read it incorrect or pronounce it incorrect. Its I.D.sign and not i design. Also there are no company using this name either. This was made for a fake commercial design company.

Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, its a new logo for my school actually cause they got a very boring logo. If you can spot it I places the main letter GLR in the logo. And it now less boring and should attract new student or other design companies.

Oxymora, its not a very interesting or special logo but its was first one logo I had to make with a techno element that I don't really like. Though if I want to be a good designer I need to learn to adapt. This logo was made for a fake classic modern techno band, cause classic and modern are opposite and we use it in the same sentence it is a oxymora or oxymoron. But cause oxymoron sound really bad we used oxymora.

The last two logo I already introduced at ReelTray so don't need to explain that much about them.