OV foxhunt

No its not about hunting foxes, its a dutch game called fox hunt. In this game you get clues about certain direction you need to follow and you need to find a certain person and do quest to get pieces for a puzzle. And its not real flyer so dont post it to join the game.

This was a assignment for NED11. We had to make a flyer or a poster with certain element in it. We had to put a coupon on it so people could register for something or to ask for more info. Also we had to follow a AIDA formula.

AIDA stand short for; Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

You should remember this cause its helpful to get a good flyer, poster or website. First you need to attract attention from the public by a good design or something that would catch the attention of them. Then you should write some info that would get them interested. But not too much info otherwise it would get too boring. When there interested they would desire more information or do something. So ad a link, coupon or address where they could take action to get more info.