Puma Roadway

This project we have to make a new sneaker for Puma, Scooter for Aprilia or a mobile phone for KPN. I choose the sneaker of course cause its the hardest. This shoe is called RoadWay cause of the way the line goes, like a road going into the horizon. This was a big and final project for D&P15 / Depth and Perspective 15. However I didn't got a high grade for this one cause I neglected the lesson a bit. Mostly just cause there was nothing to learn during the lesson and only have to make things. The teacher gave me a 7.5 for this one cause I wasn't at all the lessons. Would have been a much higher grade if I was at all the lessons.

These are the 3 sketches I made for the sneakers. There all new and non existing. I choose the middle one cause it looks most clean design. Also I was the only one who made total new shoe designs in my class. Everyone took existing shoe design of other brands and added Puma logo's. I even saw a Converse All Star with just the logo edited and the rest was totally the same.

These are the top and side view of the shoe. We had to make 3 view of the shoe. There is also a front view of the shoe, but my scanner isn't big in of for an A3 sized paper. I used a special 1mm blocked paper to draw this, then I traced it over to a marker paper and colored it all in.
This is the perspective view of the shoe, it was hard to get a shoe perfect in perspective. I have to make allot of line to get the shape correct. But at the end the teacher said that you only had to make a box and draw the shoe in it. The same for the phone and the scooter. So it wasn't that hard as I had thought. I liked this project and learned more about designing shoes.