Reel Tray

This was a team project for a theme module called THBJ2. We had to pimp a old retro reel tape recorder, it should have a bit of feel of the old 70's but have the comfort of new technology. Also it was bit of role playing theme, cause we had to make it for Philips and the teachers played the chiefs from Philips. Not only did we have to make a new recorder but also make a new philips logo. This recorder also includes Philips ambilights, touchscreen menu and also can be placed on the wall.
This was the sketch for the record, of course there were more but this of my team choose out also I drew this one and rendered it. This sketch was first made on paper, then scanned and colored with Photoshop. But while I was making it in 3d, and check the measurements it was way to big. It would have been twice the size of a normal DVD player. So it was slimmed down so it would be much smaller.

I have also made a logo for this recorder. Its a simple and clean logo. Not too much of a illustration. But very recognizable that it is the same recorder. And also included the Philips logo colors. And also the new shape a bit.

And this is a prototype I made of the ReelTray, its made out of simple things actually. The whole shape is made of foam that you can buy and any department store, and its cost just 1 or 2 euro for it. The reels I luckily found at the market and those cost me €1,- each. Then I wrapped the whole thing in a layer of paper so when I wrapped it with black vinyl sticker you would see the bubble of the foam. The screen I printed it with a overhead sheet and inside I added led and also under the tray there are 4 led so give an amilight effect.