VRP hand held

No it is not a real one and never will be. Its just a assignment for school. The VRP stands for Virtual Reality Play. Its a small hand held. The buttons on the side can be shove into the hand held when you are not playing. This makes it a very small hand held. Also it have multiple functions.

This was a project for D&P ( Depth and Perspective). We had to make concepts for 3 or more consoles and also for hand held. These below are all sketches, we had a weird teacher who had to make fine illustrated sketch works? We didn't really understood cause all teachers says we need to make sketches with pencils and not color them in. While this one says we need to work them out to fine illustrations.

We also had to put one of the concepts into perspective view. I choose for the VRP and after that we had to make a perspective view of the logo too. And at last we had to make a visual and presented for the teacher. I had the highest grade of all first years classes a 9,5 . Also i was 3 week earlier done with this project than it was planned for