GP500 Store forum banner 2005

This is an old banner I made for Gp500 Store in 2005. At that time there was a little contest for making a new banner cause they wanted a new one. I made the graphics in pixelated style cause I was bit in a face that pixel art was cool. Also gave a look of a video game. Cause GP500 is a old 3d motorcycle game from 1998, with perfect physics and can edit almost everything.

Valentino Rossi is one of the greatest rider in the MotoGP class. That year Rossi was racing second year for Yamaha Factory Gauloises, and he would also become the champion that year. I am a big fan of Valentino Rossi, he is a very cool guy and is always joking and making people laugh.
Troy Corser is an Australian who race in the World Superbike. He rode for Corona Suzuki who came back being absent for several years in WSBK class. The bike joint the champ and was pretty fast directly and resulted both riders in the team won on different tracks and Troy Corser became champion.
Sebastian Charpentier joined Winston Ten Kate team that year and became champion. This is a dutch team who produce great champion each year and always work together with Honda.
Michael Rutter became champion that year however I am not fan of him. I am more a fan of his team mate Kiyonari. Both rode for HM plant Honda who don't get any factory support while allot of other team did.