CHUNG DHA MP3 Packaging

This was made last year for T&V. We had to design a mp3 packaging for this assignment. First we had to make a mp3 logo it. My MP3 logo is quite simple, the MP are combine and closed the gap in the P. The 3 was made with simple 3 stripes.
I like a clean design so it got not too much graphics one it, because its not my taste, I made this package with hard cardboards in colors silver and glossy black. The logo and the barcode graphic are made by cutting vinyl and paste them on it. Chung Dha was written with a white paint marker.
This is what is inside of the outer package. I though its just too simple to paste a box so made special opening in the middle. And plan to that you need pull out the cylinder to access the mp3. And secretly added my own CD logo in it. This design was also displayed at the school during the open days for new students.