FixSor / Available

This is my entry on the FixSor logo. where contactors and home owners come to find the best quality service online. Home owners submit a project and qualify service provider contact them about there project.

This logo I had a idea for the X to become te roof of house but didn't knew how to execute it. So it tried this to set this idea so I am the first to do so. The contest holder liked the color and readability. This is a revision of the first logo. Here I found a font with a X where I could make the house in a more perspective view. And I also find a .com plus a tag line is too either one or the other.
After few discussions with the contest holder we found out the contest holder didn't want any graphics in the logo to do with home improvements. So I tried a simple text only with web 2.0 button style.
This is revision of it after some updates the contest holder wanted. He wanted the .com to e next to the R like the first logo and also a new tag line "contractors for all".

Looking back I found the 2nd version with the house to look very good. I like the look of the house in perspective. But not really sure on the font and color use. The last design look good with the web 2.0 shine but the font might been too simple. Next time I know I need to do something with the font them self on a no graphic logo.