Packaging Design GLR 2007 - 2008

This week my logo was voted to become the logo of the Packaging Design department of my school for this year. The logo is an abstract form of the initials P and D. However this logo was choosen by the teacher at the end because 2 of my logo's were in a tie after counting the votes. The logo that had the same amount of votes was the cube logo.

All the logo I designed for Packaging Design have the same element of using the initials and square blocks to shape them. Of course I got more then these 3 logo but there were the best to represent Packaging Design.

The chosen logo give a kind of template in perspective look and looks like a professional logo to attract companies.
The Cube looks like a box that got to do with packaging. And smart cut out shape to get the P and D in the cube self.
The tetris like logo give the feel of looking at stacked boxes. And the boxes make up the shape for P and the D.