Writing Honda illustration

This is a very old assignment for T&V, where we needed to use a very important picture. This Honda CBR600 is very important to me because its the very first picture I modified with Photoshop. I've changed the front of the bike to have a the same intake as the Honda RCV211 bike that were used n the Motogp championship.
In this assignment we had to write the same word to make the while Illustration. I have chosen Honda cause that was the best bike there is. We first had to draw the main shape on paper and then fill it use with the same word and using different sizes to produce darker and lighter parts. Most part dark parts I have written allot of small size Honda only the tires I cheated a bit with overlapping big Honda. But its a very cool Illustration and from distance it look very real. I got a 9 for this Illustration, because it looks very real and I wrote extreme small in the dark parts.