Cure Coatings / Available

This is my entry for Cure Coatings logo contest. Cure Coating is a coating companie that make special coating. The logo need to show a coating and performance and protection.
This logo got a quite long process to develop the final version.

This was the first idea for the logo. Three squares in a perspective view layered on top of each other to represent coatings.After comment from the contest holder we get to hear that its a single layer on top a surface. So I changed the logo from three layers to two. And looked at different colors. But still lacked performance and protection. After a while I though about a check mark that represents a ricochet of something bouncing of the coating. This way the check mark show that their products are good. The contest holder liked the added check mark. But needed something more solid with the colors and so I showed some colors that I find that works with the logo. And the contest holder liked the green black version. And to finish it I added a subtle amound of gradient in the logo. And that brings us back to the top logo.