Firefighters fighting fire above my apartment

About 3 to 4 o'clock in the morning I woke up hearing hard compressor noise looked out of the window and saw firefighters. When I went outside, the fire was already out. However I managed to take few picture from the living room window of the firefighters. But I should have gone outside to photograph so I wont have the trouble of reflections from the windows.
I found out that its hard to get good light picture of them because of its really dark and a slow shutter time is very hard to hold the camera still. So had to compromise it, so that I could still get a sharp picture.Something not to do is to use flash lights as you can see the flashlight reflects very bright from the reflector paint and clothing parts. But it does give a very cool effect. Click full post to see the rest of the pictures.
Also there using a very bright light to help them to look better at the building. But cause of the light its very hard to get a bright picture.
I managed to make a small panorama picture from out of the living room window. Around 5 to 6 o'clock they went away so haven't got real good sleep from this though. However the firefighters did not said to the people to evacuate the building. But I am not sure if its a small fire or what, because they said nothing. There were 3 firefighter vehicles, a cop car and a ambulance. But don't think this would get into the local papers though.