Foldable Dice

This is the foldable dice I made for Fruzil garden game. Its very easy to fold and to glue too. The dice got one way to fold it flat and everything is very balance so it would not turn the same side each time. Below is the PDF file of the dice if you want to print it out and to make it yourself. I made 3 color versions a white, blue and a red version of the dice. Fold the striped line before gluing it. And use a embossing pen to make it easier to fold.

If you want to put this foldable dice on your website please link back to this blog. Download the foldable dice here.
For the best quality and that it can fold and be strong in of, print it on 180 grams paper.

Click here to view the 3d wrl file to see how to fold the dice. To watch this wrl download a WRL viewer here.

Update plastic version

The update is not in the form or shape or how it is folded it is the materials. Here above I use a acrylate sheet and silver marker to make the dots. You can buy these sheets at any hobby shop or bookstore. But at professional art and craft stores you can buy colored ones. These sheets makes the dice much stronger than the paper ones and also better against sweaty hands. The markers you can buy at any store at Christmas times there are allot of stores selling silver and gold markers.
This one is made with a blue acrylate sheet and a gold marker.

To make these plastic dice you can print out the template. Cut it out and past it with glue that does not stain on the acrylate sheet (I used photo glue that it really great because I can pull it off with out a stain). Then cut the form out of the sheet. When you are done grab a empty pen or a pencil and trace the folds on the acrylate. This will make the plastic easier to fold. Then just glue it all together. If you don't want to use super glue because it stains there are glass glue that are transparent and dries with sun light and don't leave nasty stains like super glue.