TMVG1 Fruzil garden game

This was a theme base project where I had to work in a team. However we all made different designs and later the teacher /the company would choose the best designs. The imaginary company we had to work for was named Bunda ( should not search google for this word because it means "ass"). This company export organic products from Brazil and want to set up a branch in Europe. First assignment was a research which was very boring and too much on a marketing side.Then we had to find a new name for the new branch of Bunda. We first had Tutti Frutti which is a existing product of dried fruit, but there were no companies that were named Tutti Frutti. But Bunda applied that you can't name it that, because it is known product. It like calling a company banana and sell different fruits instead of only bananas.

However I found a better name very fast. The new name would become Fruzil, which is a combination of the word fruit and Brazil. Fru in Fruzil is used because there are many languages that uses these 3 letter in there word for fruit. Like frutto, frutta, frutti and fruit. And the last part ZIL of Brazil. And we had search if anything was called like this, but there was totally nothing.These are a few ideas for the logo. First top left is about export cause you see the orange circles going to the i. Top right is a subtle leaf on the i making it a kind of fruit. Both lower logo are about sunny Brazil and showing a sliced orange.
And this is what it become after comments from Bunda. The logo had to show more the way of Brazil and fun side. So I use a some what thicker font Vag rounded.

The company already have a strategy how to get publicity in Europe. They want to give a free board game to the costumers who buys their products.
This is my board game concept. The game exist of different small cards with fields on it. The game can be played in few different ways. Like the magic labyrinth or make a own road and see who get to the finish first. Or place everything in a straight line and try to get to the finish first and try to block the way of the other players.These are the equipment for the game everything should be made in cardboard to preserve the environment without using any plastic or any harmful materials, because its a organic company. Even the dice is made out of cardboard, it totally fold able so it could fit into the package easily. The pawn can be pushed out of the card and the costumers can put them together.Trying to make use of the packaging and use less materials the rules and inventory were placed on the packaging it self. Because everything is a card and flat I though it could fit easily in a packaging that looks like a pack of poker cards.And this is my banner to advertise for this the free board game.

And the between presentation my concept was chosen only the packaging had to change into an envelop because one of my team member designed a concept that would use a envelop because it's cheaper. After that we had to make the concept into a real prototype.

How ever I only was assigned to do the fold able dice and the banner because I was the only one who knew how they worked. But end result isn't that bad. I also had to make the photograph of everything.The game was placed on top of a light table and it made a pretty good result.This look like a real commercial shot of the game. Would have look great if we had use my packaging design and used this picture on it.And this is what the banner looks like. Click the picture to see the animated version of the banner. We finished this project with a great result. And earned allot of competent points.