How to design a brandname

I often see companies who have the same name as others. If you searched Enjoy Design you would get 9 design companies from different countries, some with great designs and websites some that are really bad. Also on the hand of the website design you can see which are great and which are not a professional website. looks great and for sure you can see it is a great design website just by looking at the logo they got and the website. When you look at it you would directly contact this company. first impression a glass of juice or wine, you'd be thinking its a drinks or party company. Then the logo just the capital E of the Old English font just no inspiration used to design there own logo. If you go further you see the logo self got 3 typefaces and a small unreadable link below the name. Also a double splash screen which is not needed. You should go to this company because the owner is a dropout which have not learn everything at the design school, he only finished the first year which is a test year where you only learn the programs but not how to design. Also when you look at the website every page is made out of a single picture which is not the way to built a website.

What to avoid in making the name
It is best to avoid names that are used by other companies that are in the same branch. So search the name on Google first to see if it already exist or not.

The name should be easy too say and short and not a whole sentence or a sum up of words. Mostly 1 word minimal and maximal 3 words.

Don't be smart by thinking you can use a name in Latin or any ancient languages. Cause mostly they're hard to speak and people can't remember them or know what it actually means.

Avoid words that sound allot more fitted for other kind of companies or are adult tinted while is should not be. Or sound close to a insult or is negative.

Don't add web links ( like .com) because it is humiliating or degenerating the costumers like that they don't know where to search for your site. Because if they want to search your website they would know the name and eventually find it through a search machine.

How to make up names
There are certain ways to make a name, I will sum up a few that mainly works the best.

1. Your own full name or a parts. If your name is special and there are not allot of people who is called that way you should use it. Or a part of your name that is special and use that or added something you do or sell. And when you search Google and you only find yourself and nobody else or no companies that is named that way it good to use it.

2. Parts of words combined. This is a great way actually to make new words. Like Fruzil a name I made for a school project. Fruzil is a non existing word and got no meaning in any language. But it is created with the part Fru and zil. Fru from many languages that uses these part for the begin of the word fruit, like fruit, frutto, frutti and frutta. And zil because it is an Brazilian company. And combined is Fruzil. It is short and easy to say too. The problem is not all words become something that not exist, so always check the word online or in dictionaries.

3. Two words combined. You don't have use your name and ad what you sell, you can find words that could be match or resembles what you do or a good feature of your company. Like PayPal that help to transfer or pay with and its a helper or a pal.

4. Use the initials. This could be of a sentence slogan or names, like Limakis that used the initials of the slogan:"less is more and keep it simple". And what is great there are no companies called Limakis however there are people who have last name called Limakis. How ever the initials should make a word that you could speak out and not just some gibberish. And also this need to be searched if it already means something that is should not be or excist or not.

5. A word written or spelled differently. This is fun to do with words. Like DZINE, which is a blog but when you speak it it sound like Design. And zine is partial of magazine which got to do with news and blogs.

The rest is up to you to find the names and words to use. Play around with synonyms to find great words. And make sure there easy to remember and to speak. And use a brainstorm to find loads of words to play with and use a Mircosoft words with it to find synonyms. Try to have make a brainstorm session with multiple personnels, because with more people you can come up with more words and other might think of something you never thought of. The could also help with combining words and changing them to a name and help searching to get a name fast and develop a good one too.