Re-redesign Wacom

As most designers who follows the brand changes the most recent change to Wacom logo was not that appreciated by most designers. The web 2.0 illustration of a abstract things designed by Wolf Olins was by far from anything that got to do with Wacom tablet or design. For more information click here to read it at Brand new.

Design Contest have made a small contest for designers who wants to join the Design Team. It wil be one of the 3 wins the designers need to join the Design Team. If you want to participate in this contest, follow this link for the rules and discription and see the other submissions. The deadline of this contest will be 1st of January in 2008 and everybody is limited to 3 entries.

Important Notice:
This is a community contest and, as such, it is not affiliated in any way with Wacom Inc. The purpose of this contest is to display the skills of independent designers and to show that they can often produce work of better quality than acclaimed design studios with world-famous names. All participants will retain copyrights to their work. The winner will be given the option of donating his/her work to Wacom Inc.

However I am already in the Design Team I still fancied to participate in this contest, because I also don't fancy the new logo because it have no meaning of what it is or about.

This is my first entry for this contest.Because I have a tablet pc I have a different look to tablets then other. I actually see the arrow on the screen underneath the pen and following every move I made. And because the pen is the arrow I made the shadow of the pen to be the arrow, meaning the pen is the arrow on your screen.This is a revision of the first design which was bit negative dark for a logo. This one is brighter and with a better typeface