Redesign Oakley Packaging

This was a school packaging assignment for Pac2. The assignment is to redesign a luxurious packaging and I have choose the an Oakley sunglass packaging. And the extra theme added is team Dunlop Tech3. The costumers for this product/packaging are fans of this team and the crew. Also users of any Dunlop products like watches, tires, tennis rackets and other sport products.
This is the moodboard that I have made for this design. Showing the Oakley glasses, one of the rider of Tech3 team, The colors and materials I will be using for the packaging. Because it should be luxurious I used the invitation of Roberto Cavalli and made it into a kind of redcarpet in the moodboard.
I made 2 versions, one silver and one with transparent yellow printed over the silver paper.
The packaging got a special way to hold the glasses in place so it wont shake inside the box too much. And a lock to make the packaging a bit like a jewelry box. And inside a small thank you for the costumer.
We also needed to design a label for the products. I wanted to try a new technic, I wanted to make the label like swatches ( like pantone swatches).