Fireworks 2008 second set

Multiple fireworks, but the light were on inside. And making picture from inside the house, shut the lights so you wont get reflections from the glass. Click read full post to see the rest of the pictures.
Very close by shot from below.
Glitters and swirls.
This would have been a great shot got more of these kind of shots where I shot at the right moment but just didn't had the focus set right. An other advice use manual focus and keep it on focus for very far. Because you don't need to focus of thing that is close, because all the fireworks are very far up in the sky. And auto focus could focus on things you don't want.
Volcano effect, I am not sure what this was again because it is too wide for a fountain. I think this could be from a 1000 firecrackers roll.
Colorful fountain.
Spiral spikes effect.
Allot of small glitters.
This was one with a very long exposure about 2 seconds.
A very high fountain.
Sky flower like a dandelion.