King's Poker Card Casino - Thun / Schweiz

This is my second win at Design King's Poker is a casino in Switzerland. The illustration is an ace poker card the best card with a crown on top for the king.This is the entry of the logo in the first version. With a bright orange for that is bright for a close to gold color.This is a revision with different more modern fonts and different colored.


your designs are quite good, your website makes my website look like a newwwb :)
Chung Dha said…
I am actually building a new company site which will be at the moment is old site where I test allot of codes but new one will be more like a real company site this is still just a blog with allot of designs. Atleast yours is more of a company site.
Nice blog!your awesome designs make the website very effective and attractive for the customers.thanks for the information.