Work with Adobe CS3 to CS2

Allot people and companies or design school are going from Adobe CS2 to CS3. However there are some problems with people who don't have CS3 at home but also want to work both ways. So here are few tips how to do it.

Photoshop files depend on what you normally save them as. JPG, Gif, PNG and more are files that would always open in different versions. PSD can opened only if it got no special objects or special layer or filters. So if you want to work on both CS2 and CS3 with the same PSD file, just don't use the special filter.

With Adobe Indesign you need to export the files to INX. A indesign exhange file that can be opened in both CS3 and CS2.

With Adobe Illustrator you need to do the most of the CS2 to CS3 conversions. You need to save your work as EPS . You can not open it normally. What you need to do is to open a new file and place the eps file in it, then there should be a few buttons that appears above. Press the expand button to make it possible to edit the file or illustration.

With Flash you just have to save it as Flash 8 when you save it. When saving just open the drop down and you see that there is a Flash 8. And also open new file with Action Script 2.0 instead of 3.0.

PS the wallpaper above is from DeadPxl CS3 Wallpapers