Analog presentation guide

We know presenting is tough and sometimes real fun to do, but you always need to present stuff for school or for work, to convince others that your work is the best.

This will be a guide about analog presentation. "What is a analog presentation?" you might ask. Not every office or school have fancy expensive equipment and beamers available to present your work. If they do have it, it would have been a digital presentation.

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Important question
Always ask the important question if there is a beamer available, never presume th
ey will and never presume they won't. Why should you not do a analog presentation while you can do it digital. Digital alway have a upper hand because it is a big screen and help you better.

Always ask how it would be presented and what things are available. A table, stand, a white board or anything that can help.

Equipment and tools
To prepare a analog presentation you need to have various things which can help you.

A3 or A4 printer
Foam board / cardboard A3 sized
Standard or feet
Poster Buddies

Printing and scanning

Always scan all your work for back up and to print in different sizes. Even if it is a sketch you should scan it and print it, to show it in a presentation on A3 paper and print on a a4 paper to show the judges.

Don't use glossy paper even if it looks better, you only be spending way too much money. Also they can reflect too much light and make the judges see the shine and don't see what is on the picture.

Foam board
Nothing is more irritating than to see is a person holding sheets of paper in the air. Use sturdy foam boards or cardboard to show the presentation. Paste an A3 picture on it or two A4 sheets of 1 picture. Paste a feet or a standard on it, so it can stand on a table on it own. Use poster buddies so you can re-use the board over and over. I see allot using glue and making that to have a big pile of used presentation board while I just got pile of loose pictures and one presentation board.


To make sure the judges can see the works better, print them in A4 and put them in binders. This make sure the judges can follow the presentation better and can read and see everything correct. This would make it more clear for the judges, because you might be standing to far so that they can't see it correct.

Different presentation, different methods

If you are presenting behind a table to people or judges that are walking by fast you need to show everything fast. Make various standing board with picture on them in a logical order so you could tell them fast and present it.

If they are not in a hurry. And you are presenting only or your team is presenting make one single standing board with the final picture. And place the other board in front of it. Each time you are done with one part remove the front picture to show the other one. This would make the judges look at one single picture. Instead of 10 which makes it very busy and sometimes makes it harder to tell which picture you meant.
Something special to download
Some of you might know where to buy those special feet's or standards but being a packaging designer I know they cost much more then the materials. So here is a template you can download and print out. Paste it on good cardboard recommend cereal cardboard or gray cardboard. And cut them out. Grey are fold lines and black are for cutting. This might come in handy if you don't know where to buy them or you are in the last minute and had no time to go buying it.
Download the tempate here.