Sliceform prototype Yakult bottle

I made this for a Packaging Design project for school. This is a prototype of the shape for the redesign of a Yakult bottle. I learned this technique myself using 3D studio Max and Illustrator. With this I can make the shape very fast and also get correct feel of the shape fast. I will cover this with clay or fillers to make a final prototype that looks more like a real bottle. It is a easy way if you can't make good clay models by hand. Also a technique you can use to make things pop up in a pop-up card, because I can fold this shape flat by pushing it to one side. I will make a tutorial for this very soon.


Anonymous said…
I got so excited by the subject of sliceforms that I wrote some software to create sliceforms with the computer.

It's a plugin for the free Google SketchUp software, you can find it at Public Art International's website: