Websites for packaging design research

Normal packaging design research are done by going into the fields ( I mean going to the stores). However it would be odd to be wondering around in a store with your camera and a notepad, looking like a spy and copying their layout or store prices for concurring companies. So you rather would be sitting comfortably at home behind your computer.

Also you want to look into the packaging, however you need to have a big budget to do that or you are a real gadget freak and already bought everything.

So here are few website that are handy to do your research with.

Unboxing Gearlive - This website got most up to date news and also got great videos and pictures of unboxing gadgets. This is very handy website and cost nothing for you to look into those packaging. Real handy to look at boxed or packaging of gadgets.

The dieline
- This is a great website showing various packaging and new designs. Mostly handy to see a bit of what trend and new kinds of packaging style there is.

Junk Food Blog - Ok this doesn't sound or look like something that have anything to do with packaging. But this website does show all new snack or fast food plus they show the picture of them still in their package. So these are handy for research on fast food packaging and the graphics on them.

PingMag - This site got various view on Japanese trends and also sometimes got news on Japanese packaging which is very handy, because Japan is the most innovative land in the world.

Another thing to be looking at online are the companies who designs the packaging. Cause there are too much to sum up, you should try to look for them.