A motto to improve your way of life

Life is a precious thing however using a motto could help you improve it. I've recently been thinking what is more important to belief in. And I found believing in yourself is the most important thing in life, even more important than any faith that exist.

Using faith as a support of life is actually not believing in yourself. A faith might make your life easier, because you might think there will be a higher power thatwill help you to do things. But actually thing that you do are not written yet and nobody else can do them except you. You can pray to God to help you, but in the end it is still up to you to do it.

The motto is quite long but it should help when you think of it: "Only you can take the initiative to change the world". Click this link to read the rest of this post...

So what does it mean, people who take initiative always are the first in everything they dare to stand up from the crowd while everyone else waits. For example this recently actually happened when I was in the train at night coming back from Belgium. A guy had his phone playing loud music and he looked like a bad person that could punch you in the face if you told him to put down the volume. There were allot of people mumbling where the music was coming from and if they should say something or not. And they were all afraid of being punched. There was actually someone who took initiative telling him to put down the volume and he put down the volume.

This is a great example but you know if he did not took the initiative walk to that guy to say his music was disturbing other people, the guy would not have put down the volume and everyone would just be bothered and sat doing nothing.

Taking initiative is not always about improving or helping the world. You can also take initiative that can help yourself. Because if you never take initiative you will never be number 1 but always be the 2nd or last person. Taking initiative to learn more while you still studying is big thing I do allot. Why would someone learn extra things while they already get to learn things at school. You should take the initiative to learn more because the more experience the better. And I have more experience in my class so I can stand out to be better. And if I didn't took the initiative to make a portfolio website, I would never had done so many designs and worked for different companies. And also ended up making a tutorial for a magazine.

So why only you can change it? Because you are the most important factor in life. It's your life and nobody else and you can live it as you want and it all depends on you. You are not spinning around the world the world spins around you. If you want to have a quiet trip in the train you should go to the person who is making the noise and tell them to be quiet. If you don't do that you would have had a lousy trip and been bothered by the noise. Because you can wait till someone else to do it, but there isn't always someone else to do that. You can change the way you lead your life because it's not written by anyone or any gods that you would live your life in a certain way. If you think in God and that he controls everything that happens you never have any confident in that you can change things. You might think you will be living a lousy life because it is written so be it. But you are the one in charge of everything that happens and how you life your life. Like if you want to have a good grade you can pray to God to get one while you do nothing else, or you can learn the materials so you know you will have a good grade because you learned it yourself.

However remembering the motto is one thing, but doing it is an other. You really need to believe in your own strength, how ever never be overconfident of your being. However you still need to be realistic about your goals that you can reach while taking initiative. If you know you can't sing you can never be a pop star. If everyone if praising you about your talent then you need to do something with it.
First thing you really need to do is to start building your confident that you can do things. And also try to take initiative. When ever you get a situation that you can be first take it and don't wait till you are chosen. Doing things first should be a trill and helps building your self esteem. I actually learn building my self esteem at the police academy and it's something great that happened to me. Because was very silent always and always waited and never knew what to do. I've became confident that I can do something and I will do it. A big example at a survival game we had to cross a very small wooden bar which was in the water. The first person had to take the rope and cross it without falling into the water. I was only one who took initiative to cross it. I tied the rope across my middle and crawled over the bar, because I knew if I tried to walk on it I could loose my balance and fall into the water. I actually cross the bar and only had wet feet's.
Cause I knew that crawling is the best, the others don't have to know that and they might try to walk over it and all fall into the water. My team actually succeeded crossing without getting wet. And watched other teams getting wet because they tried to run to the other side.

So the conclusion is you really need to belief in your self to have a great life. We can actually change the motto a bit: "Belief that only you have the initiative to change the world".


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