Platina Air

This is an old project of the first year, it's a project for PVBJ1 a very serious project to test our skill to see if you can go to the second year. We had chosen for a luxurious travel organization that sells vacations in at luxurious places. Above you see the Platina Air logo, the illustration in the logo is a P shaped in a orbital line like the travel route of planes. We have chosen for Platina because that is the most valuable metal there is. Click here to read the rest of this post.

Here is a website design, I would like to put it online but the problem is that people would most likely think it is a real website. Click the picture to see the animated gif to see different pages. It is a very clean design to make it look more professional. Above the menu next to the logo is a changing banner showing different tags lines to convince the visitors and give them extra information. There are various 3d integrated on various pages. On the destination page you can choose places from a list or browse around a 3d globe to find a destination.

This is a folder design, with clean as possible design and various pictures showing the best of Platina Air.
This is the letter design with a watermark of the logo in the background. It is a simple letterhead with everything aligned to the right so there is space for the address on the left.This is the envelop design with the logo on the left with a small address line under it pf the company. And a watermark of the logo in the back to make the envelop less empty.
Of course a travel agency need to a travel bag labels. I have chosen a design that prevents that people could read your address on your label. Because when you are away you don't want someone to break into your house while you were away and steal everything. The label have a returning design of logo and the watermark of the logo and a kind tag saying "Thank you for traveling with Platina Air".

Conclusion with it was actually I should had done the 3d website things much earlier than just saving it at last. But the online 3d does gave allot of wow and great, but did not gave more point at this PVBJ1 module.