Redesign Hema cycling department concept

I've worked for 6 years at Hema department store and the cycling section haven't been redesigned and it is the one section that is most sober and dark cause of the green black design they used. And all the package design had nothing to say it is a bicycle part, it could been a car part as well. Click full post to read the rest of this post.Also their package design isn't well made with the hole cutting through the some of the information on the back.Well the package was also bit hard to open while you had rip of the plastic the things were still sealed inside.So here is the redesign concept with a much brighter and clean design and also a picture of someone cycling so you sure know it is a cycling part. I've also added used the new styling Hema use with a colored square with their logo in it and use a green square to keep the section a bit green.And now the backside is made better so the information is not cut through by the hole.This new design uses a non glue design. I've designed a locking design for the plastic part so it would does not uses glue to stick onto the package. When locking pieces are unfolded they lock into the packaging and when you fold them you can pull out the plastic part of without even damaging the package.