Review / Aquafresh new toothpaste packaging

This week I saw the new toothpaste packaging from Aquafresh, so I bought it. At first I was pretty curious how it works. The graphic design is great, but how they use the shrink foil was a very bad.
They didn't added perforated holes in the shrink foil so you could remove the foil from the cap. So I had to cut the foil but that was a real pain to do actually. My advise for Aquafresh is that they should had just use a direct print on the tube it self and left the cap free so you can open it easily, or just perforate it so you can remove the foil easily.
And this is what is under the cap, a pump system that pumps out your toothpaste. I am not 100% sure how it work and would take a quite while till this is empty. So I could take it apart to see how this works.

Here is a small clip to show you all the sides of the new packaging and how it works.

So the conclusion is that this new packaging is quite good and less hard to squeeze out the toothpaste , but please perforate the shrink foil so I don't need to use a dangerous scissor to cut the foil.


Anonymous said…
Have you used the colgate version? If so, how do you think it compares?
Is there anything else you find annoying about toothpaste pumps?

(just doing a little market research!)
Anonymous said…
This has actually been out since I was a kid. You used to be able to get all the brands (if I remember correctly) but Aquafresh is the only one that kept this glorious idea around. It's kinda hard to find in my area, so when I do I buy 3 or 4 lol. LOVE the pump!