Review / Jelly and desert packaging

I know this jelly for quite few year, but the most special isn't the jelly cause it is not that delicious. It's the packaging. Ok, it's a can of jelly so what, the best part is that this is the only jelly packaging I know that comes with a spoon.A simple folded spoon under the cap. How ever I think the aluminum can is bit odd, cause nowadays it could also be made with a transparent plastic.

I've been to few supermarkets and seem non of the puddings, jelly or any deserts got a spoon supplied with the packaging. Only found ice cream cup with a small spoon and small salads.

I wondered why this is cause why would eating a desert be only possible at home and not just everywhere you go. Cause when you want to eat a desert instead of going to the supermarkets you need to go to a restaurant or a snack bar. Cause it a bit like buying something you want to use directly like a SD card or something else in a blister pack, you can't use it directly cause the packaging the very hard to open with your bear hands. You have to carry a scissor with you to open it or you have to buy a scissor to open it.

It's the same with deserts you need to carry a spoon with you or buy a spoon to use. Wouldn't it be great if they added spoons to the packaging so you can buy it and directly eat it.

I bet there are people who doesn't want to eat something too cold and don't like sucking yogurt out of a bag of breaker. Why not a cup of custard or jelly that you can eat instead.