Social internship

Today I did an social internship for a school assignment and went to help a small organization that help preserve a forest in the Netherlands, the Stealduinse bos. In the center of this forest you can find a small center which shows allot of information about this forest and also show what animals lives there. The building was originally a cow shed of a farm. It's a great fun for people who love to learn things about nature and also fun for kids to learn those things too.In the center is a small exhibition for people to get information about the nature and the animals. This changes seasonally so the animals information changes each time so you get more information about what kind of animal could you aspect seeing while you are in the forest in that season and what they could be doing. In the top level op the building there is a exhibition which changes from time to time. Today it was all about mouses. On the green boards are allot of facts and info pinned about the mouses. People can actually rent it to show their work if they want it. Also there is a video room that shows some info about the nature.
Today wasn't really a good day for people walking in the forest cause it was raining. But still about 30 people came to the center. Some were there to go the the toilet cause when you are in the forest it is the only public toilet in the forest. Outside the center there is a garden which grows different plants and have special things placed to grow special mosses and also used for different animals to live there.

For those who goes to Hoek van Holland should go to the forest and visit the center. It's totally free to enter and to look around. And the toilets are always open to use. Also you can organize different events like a group walk through the forest or a party in the center.

Next week I will do the second part of the social intership and I will be helping with the Easter walk event. Children and also their parents can join this event and walk around the forest and play some games and answer special question or they have to count eggs or do other stuff. And in the end they get a small plant to take home.