Tutorial for Computer Arts Projects

Yesterday I bought the new Computer Arts Projects special Packaging Design edition. And it also contains 6 pages of a tutorial I made for how to make a sliceform prototype. You can find my tutorial on page 102 and you can also spot a picture of me there.

The magazine also contains many other great information about packaging design, inspirations, books, tips and tutorials. I have actually got all the Arts projects editions that have information about packaging design, brand design or logo design. I really recommend to check out this magazine each month for great information. Also check their website www.computerarts.co.uk for more information and tutorials.


Anonymous said…
Looks great from what I can see, too bad that I don't think I can buy the magazine here in Sweden. Are you going to publish the tutorial on your blog aswell sometime?
/ Tomas
Chung Dha said…
Thanks, I will publish it next month maybe or maybe they will put the tutorial on their site and I will make a link to that tutorial.
clark said…
Please...I am a student of Design, and write from Brazil.

I need this magazine for a project,
more here does not sell.

You could send me the PDF, downalod it?or a link to download?


my e-mail is joaonardy@yahoo.com.br
Anonymous said…
G3 Creative Solutions had the honour of being asked by Computer Arts projects to submit our top ten packaging tips and samples of our work. All featured in the special 100th edition.
good job. Thanks for the info and post.
Computer arts kicks ass, thanks for the post!!