Close up of fowers

Here are a few picture of flowers I took with super macro and hold them up in front of my camera. It would be impossible to take a picture of them just trying to lie on the ground and it's less dirty than that. Use places with a wide open area so you wont be standing in any shadow and get good lighting. To catch the blue sky you either use a fast shutter time or small aperture. Also the small aperture will cause the background to blur more. So choose a correct aperture so you only blur the background and not the flower and use a shutter time that make you have the correct lighting time.
Try various position instead of trying to get one side , cause I never though the backside of this flower would look that good giving the feeling it is looking at the sky. Cause I though trying to photograph just the front of the flower would give the best result.Shooting sometime outside is not always that easy one moment it's sunny the other moment it is all clouded. Preferred days to shoot is when it's open sky with no cloud or little clouds.
Somehow I prefer the picture with sky only instead of parts of buildings.