Action / Available

This is an assignment for school, where I had to build a website totally out of letters and no real graphics. I was actually playing around with different letters and mixed them together and found a cool smiley using the T and C. And the first word that came to my mind with C and T was action, so I choose action. The smiley really makes the logo fun and happy and could be used as a single icon. Using simple combinations making sure a good feeling.

For the website I choose a clean and simple look. With the main icon repeating in the design. I have chosen for a orange line because orange is the color of joy which fits good with the logo. And chosen gray for overall to loosen the black white contrast. Because black white might be very good readable but it's hard for your eyes looking and very dark and very light contrast. I used a simple top menu and above the icon there is an open space for sub menu's.

Conclusion a good assignment and learn a trick with playing around with letters. I was actually thinking of using the kind of kindle packaging design, with the letters flowing in a swirl. But found this cool smile in the end.