Messe Interpack Trade Fair 2008 / part1

Yesterday I went to the Messe Interpack Trade Fair in Düsseldorf. I went quite early, I took the train from 5:44 from where I live and went to Rotterdam, than I took the Intercity to Utrecht and from they I stepped over to the ICE train which was a very fast bullet train. The journey took overall about 3 hours and was in Germany around 9 o'clock. When I arrived at the train station in Düsseldorf I actually aspected it would had looked more high tech, but it was a pretty old train station. In the station I bought the entry ticket to the trade fair which was also a ticket so I could ride with the public transport. From there I took the Subway/Tram to the trade fair, they had all kinds of sign put up to show which subway went to the Messe.
Click this link to read the rest of the post... The service they provided was particularly good because the subway / tram goes to the entrance and did not have to walk far to go to the Messe. Last time in 2005 I went to the Messe with a rented bus which took much longer to go to the trade fair and also we had to park very far outside and wait for the shuttle bus to get to the entrance.
This year the Messe is less about the production machines for packaging. Because there was less giant machines which you could walk through to see the process how they actually made the packing from plastic grain to the final packaging. Almost everything was prefabricated and there were allot of circulating machine which only show how things were moved and not much how they are made. Also far less goodies to hunt this time and making photo of even a overall shot or already made packaging were on allot of places prohibited. However I still made some pictures at places where I could.What was fairly odd during the trade fair was that allot of the companies showed famous brands making it very suspicious of if they truly did or did not make those packages or partial of the packages for them.
What also interested me was the design of each of the stands. There are some that are plain and simple but others are quite special and eye catching. Here above you see some of them left are pillars that are actually all from stacked pieces of cardboards the different colors are from different types of cardboards. And middle is a kind of mobile with pieces of cardboard hanging from pieces of ropes. Top they are just sheets and bottom they are packaging boxes. And on the right is a spiral with their packages places on, this one is particularly nice done and there were also few other companies that had used that on the fair.

The first cool packaging I found is this the NOA Perle from Cacharel box. It a very cool holographic print on the box. I am not sure how it is done but you can clearly see a chrome globe inside the box while the box is empty, so it is not a transparent box with a chrome globe in it.
The second cool packaging is a quite innovative change to the boxes that you use around a tube. This box have less trapped air inside the box and give more space while transporting. It got a plat top with a squared bottom. It's also one of the contestants of the IF design awards for packaging.
Too bad I couldn't photograph any of the machine up close of film them cause I could do some cool "how it's made" version to show how the machines fold the packages or how some of them are made.