Point of views

Many of you out there might already learned what point of view stand for and how it works. But viewing things from a different perspective is a great tool to use, however many new designers don't really get this point. In this post I will make a few examples that will teach you what to look at when you design things and what to look for in different situations.

So why would you not look at things from your own perspective but with an other? Mostly because you don't know or you are unfamiliar with the company you design things for. You might know things would look good that way or know whats the latest trends, but they often don't work well when the costumers look at it.

The costumers perspective or point of view is the best too look at, because in the end it's the costumers choice to go the that company to buy or use their service. But you don't know the costumers and can't talk with them so how do you design things without talking with the costumers. This point is researching the background of the company if they are totally new to the market or already exist for several years with allot of returning costumers. Also you need to look at what is the main purpose of the company, because a packaging company, packaging consultancy and packaging design company are all different with the main purpose packaging. But they all make or do different things from each other. Now I will explain each with a clear example how to design or look at things you design. Click this link to read the rest of the post...

New to the market
Total new companies often still need to set their feet in the markets and have to have a design that will make them stand firm on the ground so people easily can recognize them. Mostly new companies you can design anything you want because there are no real limitations to it. However there is one vital point you need to look at. Because you are new to the market, you are also new to the costumers. Because you are new, you won't have much returning costumers and have to become more new costumers and get well known. Because of this point you need to design things in a special way instead of getting all loose with the newest hype in design without looking at it. For new companies it is advisable to implement their products a bit in the logo to show what they are selling, however it is not always needed though if their name already represent something they sell. What also something you need to do is to satisfy the costumers that the company is good and is secure to use their service even when they don't know the company that well. So don't scare them off with design that are too far fetched from the service or products. Also readability and easy to remember is something you need to think of too, because new costumers could not know what logo is spelled if you used odd inter connecting typefaces. And interconnecting initials or just initials logo's you really need to be careful that is shows the correct things and not something else.

Steady going company with allot of returning costumers
You might also think they want a total redesign to change their imago and make the logo with the latest trends and design but it won't work good though. However I have seen this gone wrong with big companies already few times last year. The companies directors might think they need a total redesign but you really need to ask what the costumers thinks first. Because the company is well know you can't just change the logo just from one moment to another. You might think why not? Because costumers might not know you only changed the logo they might think it is a total different company. Their is also something called nostalgic value, the logo could be also that old that it is totally excepted and fine with the costumers. When that happens you only have to update logo keeping the well know features but using the latest techniques and trends. picture credit to Gemssty.com

What would you think would happen if KFC ditches Colonel Sanders because the company think that is old looking and not really attracting youngster that want too look at a younger character instead. But the Colonel is quite nostalgic for the company so they only had to update the design once in a while keeping the well known Colonel in the picture with the latest trend in logo's. They reshaped the design making it more simple than the original.

I hope with all this you all learned looking from a different point would be much better then always looking it from your own perspective. You actually need to learn yourself too from through the eyes a costumer. However it is easier said than done, the other way is to use a field test to see what people besides yourself think of it. This is not only on logo's but also other designs like a package design need to be easy open without having to read a full manual to open it. But some package design even that are out there on the shelf have or need a manual to learn the costumers how to open them. And like in the barcode post I said you can also look at the P.O.V. of the people selling it to make it easier to sell. But you actually need to look at the overall P.O.V. and look at all the people who got to do with the products from begin of making the product to end of the costumer using the product to see what need to be done to make it easier and clear for every one on different aspects. Their are actually so many facts and point you can look at to make everything run smoother also in a company. But in graphics design it's most just the satisfying the costumers feeling and needs.