Review / Mentos Cube

A chewing gum I found in Belgium and today also is in the stores in the Netherlands. It's soft chewing that looks bit like a small marshmallow covered with sugar. It's a very sweet and delicious chewing gum, but it feels like it is really bad for your teeth. And there are no ads yet seen on tv so also a first here.

The packaging is a polypropylene box with holographic sticker sheet with printed graphics on it. The lid of the box actually opens to fast and too easy, cause I had spilled allot of them in my bag. It got a self locking that doesn't really work. The package really uses allot of Eurostile font in the design. However the chewing gum stuck in a ice cube is kind of odd. Because I first though they would look like that instead of only the thing inside of the ice cube. Plus the shewing gum is more sweet then ice cold.

I am not sure why this trend happened, since about 2006 I saw new plastic polypropylene or other plastic arriving on to the markets. I think the first was actually Airwaves which had it way before 2006, but since 2006 other companies followed using plastic packaging to protect they chewing gum and to store more than normal. On many chewing gums the plastic packaging is not needed, but this one does because these are softer chewing gum than normal. And they also have a sugar or flavor powder which need to stay in the packaging. I will soon post a new design for which should be best packaging for chewing gums and which is better for sustainability than plastic boxes like this.