Inspired / Beat the Boss.

If you ever watched the BBC channel you might have seen this program where kids gets a chance to beat professional marketing people. You can really see who are better in it, because some thinks to far outside from the targeted group and do the things they like. While some kids thinks of way too odd things. However it's a great view into the designing and marketing processes to produce a product.

Here above you see the brainstorm sketches of the products. As you can see they both gone out of the box, but when you look the use one who designed the globe it a far to odd looking back compared to the other design. And the globe is designed by the Bigshots? For sure those professional lack allot of taste in design though, because a round rugsack would make you look like a turtle. Click here to read the rest of the post...

If you want to have more info about this program and when it's on TV go to Also you can find all the products they have made on this program. And now the vids of where they designed those bags and see who wins.

Credits to: Trukijon for the vids