Inspired / Marié Digby

Just finish watching an live online show of Marié Digby at I am a real big fan of her ever since I saw her on Youtube and I am sure she will be a big star around the globe. Her songs are really great and on this live show we could hear that most of her songs are very personal like "miss invisible" which is a very sad and beautiful song. This song is really about her when she was little. Also a fact here sister actually graduated and she couldn't be there while she was doing this show. However I spotted that her little sister was watching this show too.

DeepRockDrive is really cool and interactive with the audience with voting for which song to be played and chatting with the band. In the studio there are big screens so they can all read the shouts that the audience types. They show allot of different artist so go there to watch them.So why is this an inspiration, because I like her songs and they inspire me while I work. And something cool is that she got the best autograph I've ever seen. Best of luck with your tour through America and hope to see you in Europe soon. For those who don't know Marié Digby yet got to her Youtube channel or MySpace for more info and music.