Review / Indiana Jones Kellogs

Now Indiana Jones is coming out there sure be allot of publicity. Here is a special of Kellogs and I found Coco Pops fits the most from the other boxes also I just like the chocolate taste. Inside the package you find a spoon that is also a straw, so you can spoon up the Coco Pops or suck the milk / coco milk. The brown box fits more than the other one plus the monkey got more to do with things like Indiana Jones. However the other ones really don't fit with the theme. Also there is a game on the back for the kids to play, where you start at one symbol and follow the line to the hidden city. However it's not really a challenging game because all symbols goes to the city. And there is no real price or surprise element in it.

Also on the front the energy value blue bar on the bottom could had been integrated better with the design or used a different color though. It's not really needed because the are pretty small and people won't really read it and also you can find the info on the side of the box if they really want to know about those things.